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koopX is explicitly using interdisciplinary teams throughout its design and development process. this brings the multifarious knowledge of the koopX directors together for each project to achieve the best results for each individual client.

koopX human resources can be quickly deployed depending on the demands of each project and area of need. the specifically engineered koopX digitalization standards for the design development and planning phases enable the seamless integration of its office locations in berlin, cologne, and karlsruhe as well as of our international partners.

koopX efficient exchange of ideas, knowledge, information and drawings internally and with our clients is facilitated by the use of computer networks, their databases and established internet standards.

koopX highest standards in the development of smart and cost-effective energy saving concepts for each individual building are achieved by the partnership of koopX with technology leading german engineering companies.

koopX focus on structural and engineering details as well as the design of the projects shows the unique brand of koopX architecture. it is highlighted by its synthesis of a superior design concept with well thought out adequate technical details.